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Leadership Behaviours, Productivity and Effectiveness in the Twenty-First Century

Established by Ian Price, author of The Activity Illusion, Grimsdyke Consulting helps leaders and organisations increase effectiveness at work – both personally and organisationally – and reduce the barriers to great leadership. Grimsdyke’s special area of expertise is the optimal use of communications technology and the avoidance of ineffective working whether this manifests itself in the form of too many emails, meetings or just the general sensation of being “too busy”.

Research shows us that the way we work in the 21st century makes us, paradoxically, less effective than ever. Taking email as one source of inefficiency, as much of 12% of payroll costs are spent on ineffective use of email that drains your organisation’s time and energy*. It also shows that interruptions over multiple information channels sap our cognitive ability, reduce effectiveness and even affect our behaviour. The frenetic use of mobiles and BlackBerrys leads to a culture of “virtual presenteeism” with consequences for the quality of both our working and personal lives. The traditional virtues of delegation and people management risk being forgotten.

The impacts of information overload and the accompanying “cult of busyness” are now so pervasive that tackling them offers the organisation a genuine source of competitive advantage. In order to address the issue, Grimsdyke Consulting employs the latest thinking in evolutionary psychology to understand why we work the way we do. We then deliver highly effective and proven practical solutions.

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*Christina Cavanagh, University of Toronto

Ian is also co-founder and director of Sales-Mind, specialising in the mental performance of sales people.





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