The Activity Illusion

“A book we all need to read.” Professor Bruce Lloyd, London South Bank University, review for the Chartered Management Institute.

Ian’s book, “The Activity Illusion”, published by Matador in February 2011 is available on Amazon. To download the complimentary eight-page introduction, click here.

To visit the Amazon Kindle page, click here. To visit the Amazon page for the paperback, click here.

Here is an idea of what the book is about:

Email addict? Parent to “BlackBerry Orphans?

Why are we working harder than ever and yet being less effective? Why do we let work bleed into family life and holidays? “The Activity Illusion” breaks open the vicious circle of hyperactive work practices and shows how to fix it for you and your organisation.

You will discover:

  • -  how to work less and be more effective in your job
  • -  why activity has become the new status
  • -  how up to 20% of your organisation’s payroll gets soaked up by ineffective use of email
  • -  why we get “addicted” to email and BlackBerry
  • -  how to create the virtuous circle of an effective work life and a great life outside the office

To find out what The Activity Illusion means for your organisation, click here.

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